About us

About us

SOUHA DAYEH handbags and jewellery, is a luxury fancy fashion brand, designed and handcrafted for the modern classy woman. 

Founded in 2018 in Düsseldorf- Germany, by the fashion designer and creative director Souha Dayeh, the brand integrates artistry and modernity, based on thoughtful negotiations between  unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

- Souha has started her career in the design and creation domain, after finishing her degree in French Literature in 2001, as a beauty trainer and mentor. Thenceforth, she had studied fashion design and worked as a senior designer for a kids-wear brand . She participated and organised many events and fashion -shows before creating her own brand “MIROIR” for clothing, styling and image consulting for women. 

- Her business start in Germany aimed to diffuse her oriental fragrance and soul in the western societies. To build a chemistry which combines the Oriental magic and the German quality and standards, to match the European lifestyle.

- She started her online store called “SCHANTAA” which offers casual, vintage and elegant bags and accessories. 

Maintaining her fashion for design, she created her own handmade and customised “SOUHA DAYEH” designs for bags, accessories and home decorations.


- This mixture of her experience and passion refined classic and fancy pieces, no matter of the everlasting and unceasing change of trends.

Her collections are designed to blend easily with different looks and transitional accessories that are ideal for stylish women of all ages.

- Mixing luxurious and classic styles, kept her designs timeless with reasonable prices, produced using the finest materials and paramount attention to details.


Handmade bags, clutches, home decorations, and accessories are made of genuine leather, rose-wood, gold-plated brass, resin, mother of pearls, silver, freshwater pearls and genuine natural stones.